I’ve been ever so busy finishing up the new series I’m producing for TVX. It’s called Man-Eater and stars Rebecca Jane Smyth. Being it’s for broadcast on Television X, I have to do both soft & hard edits for the five episodes and let me tell you, Rebecca is not an easy model to create soft edits for! I’ve submitted a pre-release viewing copy to the TVX bosses and they love it, and I’ve just received word that there’s apparently only 19 compliance cuts that I need to make on the entire series before submission. That may seem quite a lot but to put it in context the Dr.Lacey series had over 50! 

Apparently, the series is due to premiere starting on Saturday, December 7th. All five scenes will be featuring on this site, just for you!  


I have just shot the first scene for the new Dr.Lacey series. I thought that two series of that would be plenty, but so many of you have asked for the new series that I can’t resist doing it! I shot the scene with gorgeous Trans performer Cece Stone. As with all my new films, you’ll be able to see it here first, exclusively at laceystarr.com …. I’m planning to relocate Dr.Lacey’s office to the new studio, maybe even do a scene where she shags the removal guys….


I’m currently having a nightclub stripper set built at the studio so expect that to feature in a few forthcoming shoots. I’m in the process of sewing hems onto a 30 metre run of red, crush velvet velour curtain to back the set. I got the material for under £200 but the cutting and sewing is taking fucking ages, so I really hope it’s worth it!


Oh, and my next DVD will be the all-Anal affair you’ve been asking for…. you see, if you ask nicely, I always listen! … expect over two hours of hardcore butt-fucking and spunky assholes!

I’m due to film a new scenes for it over the next few weeks…. which reminds me, I must get a new anal douche!


I got a new puppy called Nelly! – she’s a beautiful little Staffy and is just the cutest thing ever. She’s now only 16 weeks old and I’ve just started to be able to take her out. She’s a little bundle of pure energy and love and she’s already made herself very at home indeed. For the first couple of weeks she was an absolute piss-fountain but she’s a quick learner and gets the hang of things pretty quickly. We cuddle up in the evenings and watch movies! 

I’ve taken her to the studio a couple of times already and she totally loves the extra space she has there to explore. Everybody seems to instantly fall in love with her so I can’t see there being any problems with her coming to work with me on shoot days.