I’ve had a fantastic few weeks. Earlier in the year, I had booked a trip to San Francisco to see the amazing Nick Cave play the Davies Symphony Hall, as part of his ‘Words & Music’ world tour. 

It was one of those things, where you book something up, then get so busy, you completely forget all about it until the date’s virtually upon you and then it’s one crazy, last-minute dash to sort everything.

I’d originally tried to buy tickets to one of dates on the UK leg of his tour, but they’d all sold out so I thought fuck it! San Francisco will do!

It’s a really cool city, and surprisingly small, I walked for miles every day and took time to discover all I could about it. I was staying pretty central, just off Union Square, so the iconic cable car ran down the main street every few minutes and I took the opportunity to ride it up to Fisherman’s Wharf and took a long walk along to Golden Gate. If you’re gonna go, prepare to spend a LOT of money though as it’s crazy expensive there. I also found time to visit the Bay area, the Ghirardelli Square, Chinatown and even take in a couple of movies (love visiting cinemas in strange cities). I saw ‘Joker’ which was amazing and ‘Gemini Man’ which was a bit poo. 

I decided to travel light so took a half-empty carry on case and nothing else, with a view to doing some shopping there. I got some lovely bits, and it’s nice to try on some different fashions for a change.

The Nick Cave concert was truly fantastic and although he clearly despaired of the questions from all the wannabe bohemians and creatives in the audience (never sat in a room that reeked more of the white middle-classes), he manfully ploughed on for three hours straight, without support or break, churning out classic after classic, some specially arranged for piano. It was sublime, it was memorable, and quite simply, worth the cost of the trip alone.

I’d certainly go to SF again. As much as I got to explore in my week there, I came away feeling like that city and I have unfinished business and I very much look forward to being there again some time soon.