After 6+ years of doing paid phone sex with clients of various sites under which I offer such services, today, I received some sage and perhaps long overdue advice from a friend and fellow industry worker.

I do webcam shows and phone chat and have done for ages as I say, and have always thoroughly enjoyed my time doing it. I have lots of regulars from literally all over the place with whom I share a mucky few minutes when they’re feeling suitably inclined.

So what happened today?…. well allow me to set the scene….

I had a friend call by today, another Industry girlie. I sometimes have friends come over to have a chat or shoot some content or customs and quite often, I leave the cam or phone on during their visits so I can continue to work and run up credits.

Today though, had been a particularly busy one, with lots of guys wanting to cam or call me for a naughty quick wank.

But let’s focus on the phone chat……this afternoon a lovely sounding gent called me up and after a brief hello and introduction, we quickly got down to the business in hand. Some hot & heavy naughty chat and in no time he’s getting close to climax. The door opened and my mate came into the room with a very welcome cup of tea for me. My chat came to a lovely conclusion and I thanked her for the tea when she laughed at me and said

‘fucking hell Lace, it’s just a phone chat for fucks sake!’

‘why are you sitting there with your tits out, skirt hitched and fingers up ya snatch?!’

…. and it’s at that very moment that I realised that maybe most girls obviously don’t get into their work quite as much as I do!