DVD: Filthy GILF Volume #01

DVD Front Cover: Filthy GILF Volume #01

DVD Info:

  • On this first DVD in her new Filthy GILF series, you can find out why. First she's tricked a big-dicked young stud into her New York hotel room for some hardcore pleasures. He's not getting out of there without having his nuts well drained first. Then a mother and her cute little stepdaughter fall prey to Amazonian Dominatrix Chloe Davis in her dungeon of depravity. A 'Gonzo' threesome brings you exactly what you'd expect when Lacey Starr finds herself on a bed with a young guy and girl. Then finally, when her favourite soldier boy is home on leave, he now has a key so he can just let himself in, day or night. Lacey arrives home, hot and horny when she finds out he's between tours, cause she know's she'll be his first stop and he'll be there....very ready for her!

DVD Scenes

Touch Me There

Duration: 36 min • Photos: 68

Description: Granny Lacey is on a trip to New York and decides to hold some auditions for an imaginary show in London!


A Fuck is a Fuck

Duration: 13 min • Photos: 72

Description: Horny cumslut LaceyStarr, comes home feeling hot, wet and ready to fuck, cos she knows her favorite soldier-boy, Andy is between tours and she's given him a key so she knows he'll be good and ready for her!


Gonzo Threesome

Duration: 21 min • Photos: 34

Description: Sexy Granny Lacey has another straight-up hardcore sex romp with a younger guy and girl. A steamy scene containing lots of threeway sucking and fucking!


Mother and Step Daughter Dominated

Duration: 50 min • Photos: 83

Description: Amazonia, Chloe Davis, literally entraps, seduces and uses a mother and her step-daughter for her depraved carnal desires in her dungeon of depravity. An edgy and at times twisted scene which will certainly test your limits!

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