I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. I loved taking a few days off and cuddling up with my pooch to watch a whole bunch of movies. I literally didn’t move for three days!! felt so decadent!….. Back to work now though and busy editing a couple of new scenes as well as a few old scenes that are not on my DVDs and I’m doing new edits that have never been seen before so expect to see them here on the site really soon. Oooh yes, before I forget, a huge thank you so much to everyone who sponsored me on my charity ride in London with the Porn Pedallers in aid of The Terence Higgins Trust. Lots of money was raised and lots of fun was enjoyed by all taking part in the 25 mile ride. 

So a new year dawns!!……….I’ve booked quite a few shoots in already for January & February and looking forward to working with some familiar faces including Tina Kay, Liz Rainbow, Devon Breeze, Lola Marie, Cherry English & some lovelies I’ve yet to work with, like Sophie Anderson, Millie Santoro, Venom & many more.

I’ve decided that because my gorgeous little pup Nelly is still so young, that I’m not able to leave her for long periods of time at the moment so will sadly have to miss out on my annual visit to Las Vegas for AVN. I know I’m gonna miss going terribly, but if I went I’d only be missing my little girlie the whole time! So maybe I’ll pop across to shoot a few scenes later in the year when she’s all grown up, there’s so many people in the US I’d love to work with.

My next DVD is currently at the cover-design stage. It’s an all-anal release, which I’m thinking of calling ‘Grandma! What A Gaping Arsehole You Have!’ but I’m not 100% decided yet. Any ideas?

So many plans for 2020, hopefully including weekly live cam shows on this site, which is something I’m in discussions about at the moment. I am also going to start producing high-end custom videos for subscribers, so if you’re a budding screenwriter or frustrated director, start thinking about the kind of filthy fun you’d like to see and let me make it for you. You can send me your custom orders soon, so get writing guys. 

Oooh yeah, I bought a coffin….. not a real one, but one that someone had made for a Halloween prop and then had no use for. It’s just made of MDF but it looks great and once I’ve given it a paint and put in some nice red velvet lining it’ll be perfect for next years Halloween shoots. I also got a cage, for some BDSM scenes…. this is not the usual large dog-crate that some producers use though. This is a proper, built for purpose cage, and you can expect to see it with some unsuspecting victims in in a movie or two soon! I also picked up a mannequin called Flo and a decaying skeleton called Roger…. cos you just never know when you’ll need one!

I hope you all have a truly amazing 2020, with plenty of whatever it is you want.